With a cumulative experience of several years in BtoC marketing, including rental and sales of datalists, processing of French customer and prospects data, we advise and accompany companies in the implementation of their campaigns.
DBC Siège : 29 Rue Benjamin Raspail 92240 Malakoff
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DBC Nord : 130 Rue de la Vallée 62170 INXENT
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A team, a spirit

Strong convictions from expérience
To create and deploy your strategy of acquiring and retaining specific customers, a certain spirit animates us. It is a mixture of values and convictions forged by experience. But also a posture of objectivity: that of the broker who, by Essence, gives you his advice in complete independence.

Xavier Creuze

Managing Director

Laurent Goumet

Associate Director
Adopt a broker

At your service in complete independence!

Just like mortgage or insurance brokers do in their respective fields, we are your single point of contact to recommend the BtoC file (s) that meet your expectations. As an intermediary between owners / producers and file users, DBC brings you real added value in terms of advice. Unlike the owner / producer of  French BtoC databases, who legitimately recommends only his file, we are able to suggest “niche” or “behavioral” files. This requires a real strategy of listening to your needs and objectives. In this way, we provide tailor-made support for your targeting and knowledge of individual customers.

The strength of experience

Knowledge is acquired through experience. Everything else is just information, said Albert Einstein.

We believe strongly in this maxim, which fully adapts to the BtoC data market. Xavier Creuze, the founder and CEO of DBC, associated to Laurent GOUMET and Sophie WINTREBERT,  French Data BtoC experts gathered to share their expertise and strategic advice

An idea of the job

To keep heading without compass? Impossible. If we have been present since 2004, it is also because we have some strong convictions that hold us as benchmarks.

First conviction: in customer knowledge, there is no ready-made solution. Each request is different and we make sure to understand the expectations in order to provide the best advice.

Second conviction: we do not rent volume for volume. Volume search is not always synonymous with overall efficiency. Example: emailing. It must be used wisely. Flooding the prospects with offers in inadequacy with their needs just because it is an  inexpensive media is an error. The internet user must be respected and listened to. It’s about your brand image.

Third conviction: To respect the existing standards is an absolute necessity. That is why we adhere to the recommendations of the CNIL and to the various treatments, including updating, indispensable to make each of our files of the databases qualified. In addition, DBC requests its partners to be in compliance with the regulations on the marketing of databases.