With a cumulative experience of several years in BtoC marketing, including rental and sales of datalists, processing of French customer and prospects data, we advise and accompany companies in the implementation of their campaigns.
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Do you want to remove duplicates from your BtoC client databases? With DBC’s Deduplication solution, get sound, qualified address files and optimise your prospecting actions.

Duplicates have the disadvantage of sending twice the same message to the same recipient, which is penalising, mainly for two reasons:

Extra cost linked to doubled delivery (printing, routing, double postage);
Bad image of the company with its customers and prospects who then feel  over solicited.

Consultant and expert in  French BtoC file processing, DBC advises and assists you in the definition of an efficient and cost-effective duplicate management policy, by setting up deduplication operations for each of the selected databases.

Deduplication detects duplicate data between an original client file (called a “suppress file”) and an external file. This makes it possible not to send the wrong message to the recipient on the one hand. On the other hand, deduplication removes duplicates between external files and internal duplicates; thus, you get “clean” files and quickly exploitable.

Did you know?

According to a Balmétrie-Ipsos survey conducted in 2016, more than 9 French out of 10 read at least one printed mail per week. To reduce mailing costs, and prevent recipients from feeling overwhelmed with advertisements by receiving the same mail several times, entrust us with your files so that they are deduplicated. Your customers and prospects will thank you!!

With you from A to Z

Customer knowledge consultant and broker in  French BtoC files, the DBC team advises you and supports you in your deduplication operations for powerful and economical marketing campaigns.
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