With a cumulative experience of several years in BtoC marketing, including rental and sales of datalists, processing of French customer and prospects data, we advise and accompany companies in the implementation of their campaigns.
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You launch a new product, you want to promote your products and services to a clientele of individuals, the emailing, used wisely, becomes a useful and effective communication tool.

The essential rules for a successful emailing:

The choice of the file and the segmentation of the targets: one does not address the same way to a prospect and a customer.

The title of the message that is also called object must be a real catch; it is what the user sees first and makes him want to open the message.

The content must be clear and concise; you have to find the balance between saying too much or not enough.

The programming of the campaign which must take into account the specificities of the targets.

Some examples :

If you program a campaign with a female target, it may be wise to send it on Wednesdays as they can be at home with children and therefore more available.

For purchases of products and services, it is better to send the mail in the morning before 7 am or after 7 pm for a better rate of consultation.

Did you know ?

When you perform an emailing operation in BtoC, it is sometimes difficult to know the most suitable time to send the campaign.

Marketers often use AB testing, which tests messages at different times and days on contact samples to measure the best open and click rates.

This will then make it possible to precisely define when to send the message on the totality of a target.

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More than ever, setting up an email campaign cannot be improvised. 

With DBC, you benefit from personalised support with an expert in data and customer knowledge.

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