With a cumulative experience of several years in BtoC marketing, including rental and sales of datalists, processing of French customer and prospects data, we advise and accompany companies in the implementation of their campaigns.
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RNVP Processing

Do you want to standardise the addresses of your prospecting targets? With the RNVP (Restructuring-Standardization-Postal Validation. Putting the address to the postal standards) process, also known as “address normalisation”, check, correct and standardize your postal address files.

What are the benefits of RNVP process?

As a base for a quality database, address normalization avoids PNDs and NPAIs (undeliverable mail), which facilitates the integration of external data during file appending.

  • The RNVP, an asset to an effective mailing strategy.

The key to the success of your business development: quality data.
For a detailed and relevant view of your customers ‘and prospects’ information, associate the RNVP with the deduplication of your files. This way, you can make intelligent business decisions based on reliable, qualified data.

  • Optimize the ROI of your mailings thanks to the RNVP

RNVP processing improves the profitability of direct marketing campaigns mechanically. Why? The corrections and adjustments generated by the RNVP allow the letters, all media, to reach their recipient on the one hand. On the other hand, it allows a considerable reduction in costs: in fact, before they are routed, and sent unnecessarily, invalid addresses are rejected. The RNVP represents a significant saving.

Did you know?

Placed in the interface of a merchant site or an intranet website order for example, the RNVP processing allows a transparent address check for the client. Thus, the latter can ensure that the correct delivery address has been completed, a positive step in his overall experience.

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Expert in  French BtoC file processing, our team advises you and accompanies you in the step of standardisation of addresses.
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