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“Energy” File rentals

Conquering new markets in the energy sector? Do you know the type of domestic heating of your prospects in order to submit your best product/Service offer? To reach your targets more quickly, opt for the rental of French BtoC files dedicated to the energy consumption of individuals.

Why choose the “energy” file rental offered by DBC?

The French BtoC Client Files of the “domestic heating” type provide information on the heating equipment of individuals. Thus, you will find relevant and structured information according to various selection criteria such as:

Type of heating: wood, granules/pellets, natural gas, bottled gas, electricity, fuel oil, heat pump

Housing occupancy status: tenant or owner;

  •     The age and the occupant’s Socio Professionnal Category;
  •     The type of accommodation: apartment, house
  •     Geographical location;
  •     Other criteria available.

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Did you know ?

Today, 7 million of French people have chosen to heat themselves to the wood. Wood burning stoves, pellet stoves, inserts and closed fireplaces supplant the traditional fireplace.

In addition to the pleasure of fire that provides well-being and warmth, wood remains a cost-effective, economical and environmentally friendly solution for heating.

The constant technical evolutions of the manufacturers and better insulation of the buildings made it possible to reduce the quantity of wood used while offering a higher yield.

If this interest is confirmed, more than 9 million households by 2020 will choose this solution.

This sector is therefore a booming market.

With you from A to Z

Expert in direct marketing and with a solid experience in French BtoC databases, our team advises you on the choice of targeting criteria and the methodology to follow to deploy an effective prospecting strategy in the ” Energy”sector .